With proactive government’s reform initiatives, metals and mining industry has started picking growth trajectory. Adding to this growth may be further ascertained through rising demand of metals and mineral from other industries such as construction, infrastructure, energy, automobile etc. Also the most significant growth opportunity going forward is expected to come from government schemes such as--Make in India, Smart Cities and Housing for all. Now, at what pace and at what rate the government implements the reforms and schemes matters a lot to the industry.

Mines & Minerals Forum 2017

The Mines and Minerals forum 2017 (MMF 2017), organized by EPC World Media Group on 26th May’17 in Kolkata jointly with industry associations, Ministry and PSUs; will address all aspects of mines and minerals from exploration to investment, strategy, regulatory, policy and governance, mergers and acquisitions, technology and equipment, as well as explore the collaborative approach between industry and policy makers to achieve the best environmental outcomes and processes.

This strategic forum bringing together key industry stakeholders, mining companies, policy makers, investors, technology leaders and service providers. Solutions are found at MMF 2017 with imaginative new products and services, innovative technologies and learning from the expertise of others. The conference will provide an Invaluable platform to seek new partnerships, new business and new opportunities.