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Online Delegate Registration

I/ We would like to register/send the following person/s as delegate to the conference under the following category:

Organisation Name:

Postal Address:


Postal Code:






Name of persons attending Conference Designation Email Id Mobile Number Add/Remove

Category (INR - All inclusive)
Private Company 7000
Govt./PSUs 5000
Academics/Institutions 3000
Overseas Participant 200USD

Terms & Conditions:-

  1. Registration form should be duly filled & signed with the company stamp by the authorized person and be sent along with delegate registration fee. Admission to the conference cannot be ensured unless the EPC World Media group receives the completed registration form and payments.
  2. In case delegate is not able to attend due to some reason, she/he may send the substitute to attend the conference. The organisers should be informed of the change well in advance.
  3. In case of cancellation, delegate fee would be refunded as per the following details: *Refund of 50% of the delegate fee if cancellation request is received one week before the conference date.


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